Sunday 2 January 2011

What a start to 2011!!

So in the end in turns out 10 teachers from the school here ended up heading to Seoul on Friday night for New Years's eve. Had a few beers on the train there, then a bite to eat, then some very strong Long Island cocktails and the bar hopping started!! Let me tell you walking from one bar to another was no easy task though.. all the snow was compacted into a continuous sheet of ice on the footpaths you slid more than you walked. I only took a small fall thankfully other people (aka Dee now have purple bruises all over to show their falls)!!! Seoul is such a cool city went to the first bar packed with westeners and Dee and I were just chatting away when 2 lads offered to buy us drinks we said grand and sure 2 vodkas and cranberry were bought for us but by then we realised they were boring so we ditched the lads (and stupidly the drinks too) and went back to join our group!! Did the whole countdown thing talked to a few more people and headed to the next bar!In the end we settled in an underground club which looked like you were inside a giant sandcastle.. the drinks kept coming and everyone had a ball!! A big banner was pulled down and used as a skipping rope and everyone had a really good night... drinks are so cheap so I was quiet tipsy but in the good way, everyone was! Eventually we decided at around 5 that we should leave so some of us decided to just get the early morning train home while more said they were going to try and find a noreabang (kareoke room) and sleep there. Anyway long story short when I arrived home Dee had been home before me... anyway as I opened the door of our apartment a little Korean kid came running up to me and started saying "Teacher, my puppy" and pointing into our house... I had no idea what he was on about but he pushed past me into the apartment and when I followed him sure enough there was a little brown and white puppy walking around happy as larry under our table!! We are guessing he ran in when Dee arrived home and she was so tired she didnt even notice and went straight to bed so until I came back the puppy must have been wandering around in our apartment!! I laughed so hard!! A very random but very very fun New Years... hopefully a sign of the random fun and adventures 2011 will have in store. Yesterday New years day a few of us met in the evening after a days sleep for pizza.. Yum!! Then home and we watched James Bond because thankfully our movie channel is now working!! Woke up today and cleaned the apartment a little while Dee was at work then wrapped up with gloves and a scarf and went for a really nice walk. Wish my camera was working because the area here is so beautiful... snow covered mountains and forests everyplace walked for about an hour and a half!! Saw a little blue tractor on my walk which reminded me of Dad... although I've been thinking bout him all day anyway because today is his birthday. Thats all my news for now, so I'll finish by saying Happy Birthday Dad!! Hope you've a great one at home in Ireland, miss ye!! x

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