Friday 14 January 2011

A surprisingly successful skiing trip!

 So it's Friday already, wow this week went quick!! Was wrecked after the weekend but Dee and myself decided that having a gym 3 mins walk from our door left us very little reason to avoid it so Monday evening we geared up and headed to the gym!! Unfortunately we seemed to pick the busiest time but we hopped on the treadmills anyway and fast walked while everyone around ran at what seemed record breaking speeds!! Oh well, gotta begin someplace!! We weren't too put off though and managed to motivate ourselves to go again on Tuesday!! (Clap on the back for us!!) Wednesday in school I was covering for the 5 year old teacher who was out (really 4 year olds in non-Korean age)! That was fun, they are so cute.. sure they're only getting the hang of Korean not to mind English at that age!! So Wednesday night we decided we'd chill and had a proper relaxing night watching a good movie and all!! Thursday flew as well because I only had to teach until one and then went for my medical check-up which I need to pass in order to FULLY complete my visa!! Korean hospitals are strange like they took my blood at a little desk in the corridor where everyone else waiting could see, but it was all grand! Then Thursday night (last night) 14 of us (Korean and foreign teachers from the school) put on our warmest clothes and headed for the ski slopes!! We rented the ski and snow boards along the way first (so cheap 10,000 won for the lot - thats about 6 euro) and arrived at the ski resort soon after there we bought a ski lift ticket for 31,000 (about 20 euro) and we were on our way!! Skis are VERY difficult to walk in!! We hopped on the ski lift and all was grand 'til we got to the top and it was time to get off it. I didn't move fast enough hence the first fall of the night!! Laughed so hard... my first fall skiing was because I couldn't even get off the lift in time before the chair caught up with me and whacked me in the ass!! Second fall calm a minute after when half way down the hill (and seriously gaining speed) I realised I didn't know how to stop and falling on my ass was the best option before I hit someone!! But after that and a crash course in how to stop from one of the lads I am very happy to say I didn't fall whilst actually skiing for the rest of the night (the ski-lift got me again the second time but after that I mastered it!!) So all in all only three falls (2 of them not even whilst skiing) I am very happy with myself!! Towards the end I was actually going down the slope (okay a baby slope but it still counts) at alright speeds!! We arrived back at 12 last night (the ski resort is open 24 hours) and literally fell into bed!! I didn't expect to like it (or be able to stay upright) so all in all I think skiing definitely gets the thumbs up from me!! Today in school I got to mind the 5 year old class again..but because I wasn't prepared today (as I was only told this morning when I arrived I'd be teaching them) myself and the co-teacher decided a colouring day would be best!! I was happy out with that!! Gotta head back now and get ready for a night out... it just never stops here..and so far I really like it like that!!  

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