Monday 17 January 2011

Another Korean weekend!

Ron, me and Kelly in Focus bar.

Kelly and Dee singing their hearts out!
So Friday night we went out as planned. Headed into Yangpyeong (which is our closest big town - Yongmun where we live is small enough)! Between our crowd from the English village here and another group of foreigners living around Yangpyeong there was actually quiet a crowd of us!! Even though beer is so cheap here I am sick of it (I don't drink it at home ever but I had been drinking it here) anyway I decided enough is enough so no more beer for me and I drank soju for the night!! Seemed like a good idea at the time but soju is basically the same strength as vodka so even though it tastes lighter I probably shouldn't have drank so much! Now I don't mean I was a messy drunk thankfully I mean nobody else realised I was tipsy but I could feel it in my head! Anyway long story short I left the bar without my lovely new hat...(the black one with the bobble in some of my photos, sickened!!) Guess I'll just have to buy another! :( All in all it was a fun night though with lots of talking in the bar which evolved into lots of singing once we reached the noreabang!! Slept most of the day Saturday until Dee and I dragged ourselves outta bed and down to the town to get a bite to eat (they have a Paris baguette coffee shop for a nice western style sandwich) and a bit of grocery shopping!! On Sunday Dee headed off to work (its her last Sunday of work until July because winter camp is ending) and I slept on for a little while. Then got up and played the real little-housewife card by cleaning the apartment and doing the washing up and stuff!! Then last night when Dee got backed we just chilled and watched 'I am Legend' (with Will Smith) on TV both Dee and myself had seen it before so we weren't surprised by anything much in it except until the last 5 minutes when they used a completely alternative ending to the one that had been used in Irish cinemas when we saw it!! That was a twist we were not expecting... even the films are different here in Korea!! Altogether it was a fun but quiet weekend...


  1. hey great blog. reading it has prompted me to get off my backside and sort out heading to korea..any tips and hints on securing a good school, i.e. how did you go about etc..thanks Jamie :)

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