Monday 10 January 2011

A very fun few days...

Downtown Suwon!

Dee, Nick, Kelly and me in Seoul
Ok, so went to E-mart last Tuesday and bought a clothes rail so I have finally managed to unpack my suitcase and hang my clothes someplace!! Its so good to not be living outta a suitcase in my bedroom floor!! Didn't end up going snowboarding because one of the guys hurt his leg but I'm sure it'll happen soon!! Friday in school the kids took "graduation" photos so cute. They had little graduation caps and robes for the whole class and had a proper photographer in to take the photos as well. What I didn't realise was that I had to have an individual photo taken of me too.. thankfully I had dressed smart enough that day because I thought some parents might be there!! Then Friday afternoon I headed home and Dee felt much better(she had been sick on Thursday) so we decided we'd head to Suwon for the weekend after all!! Dee, myself, Sam, Kelly and Chris hopped on the train and we were off. Arrived in Suwon checked into a love motel (these are all over Korea and are basically cheap hotels that you can rent by the hour or for the night. I was expecting something dirty and dingy but for the equivalent of 15euro each Dee and I rented a room that would have been a very nice hotel room back home.. I was very impressed!) Headed to a local expat bar where we met Kelly and Sam's friend who is living and teaching in Suwon and from there the session started.. Soju smoothies are delicious!!!! They bring a smoothie maker filled with whatever fruit you want to your table add the soju and whizz it all together!! Yummy!! Dee went home at that stage because she wasn't drinking and the rest of us drank on!! At 5am we finally decided to call it a night and headed back to our motel!! Next morning while the boys went off for a hike the girls went shopping. We found a little market on the street with tonnes of stalls and wandered around very happily for a few hours. Back to the motel to get changed and then out for dinner (a street stall was our choice in the end so we tried a bit of everything, those little stalls are all over the place in Korea! (Poor Kelly didnt feel great so she decided to skip the night out.) I had a kebab of reconstituted fish bits (not as bad as it sounds..quite good actually) and the battered and deep friend shrimp, something like black pudding and of course deep fried octopus!! Also very yum!! Plenty soju and a few long island ice teas later we found ourselves in a club dancing away!! Met two Irish girls and chatted to them for a while then left the club Dee went back to the motel and Sam, Nick and myself needed to a noreabang!! At some time after five we finally went home another very fun night in Suwon behind us! Up next morning got the bus to Seoul for a little sightseeing then on the train back to Yongmun where we fell into our beds.. another very fun and memorable weekend in Korea!!

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