Monday 24 January 2011

A month already???

                      Hard to believe it has been a month since I first arrived here in ROK (Republic of Korea) time has flown so fast... yet feels like I've been here longer in another way because we have done so much and made so many friends and have really settled into a schedule. The weeks fly by (especially at the moment when so much of my teaching day is spent practicing for the talent show) and the weekends go by in a blink of my eye! This weekend was quiet but nice.
                  On Friday evening Sam, Kelly, Ron, Dee and I all went into Seoul and went to an Italian restaurant for dinner...YUM! It was so good, although I like most of the Korean food it was great to eat western style. After dinner we found a love motel (this one had a glass wall between the shower and the bedroom and quiet a few "interesting" paintings around the walls so it really lived up to its name!) and after we just went out for a few quiet drinks. Nothing too exciting as we wanted to be able to get up early the next morning for a little sightseeing before shopping and thats exactly what we did. Sam went off his own way because he wanted to go to some workshop thing so Ron, Kelly, Dee and me walked around a Buddhist temple for awhile. It was amazing. The carvings on the temple were so intricate and beautiful and inside were three huge gold statues of Buddha, (I couldn't take any photos of them though unfortunately).                  
                 After wandering around awe-struck for a while we decided that it was time for shopping!! Unfortunately pay day is not until this Tuesday though so our purchases were limited but we have spotted quiet a few things that I am fairly sure we will be going back for next weekend!! The little stalls are cheap and they have all the big brand shops like H&M and Forever 21 (I was so glad to get back into this shop, loved it so much in Chicago)! 
                            After shopping we met up with Sam and his friend Nick again and the six of us all went for an Indian. I had Chicken Tikka Missala (and although the chef accidentally made it extra spicy - they offered to re-make the dish but I was so hungry I ate it like that, I drank tonnes of water), it was delicious! To make up for the mistake the owner,(who spoke almost perfect English), gave us free naan breads and stuff so we were very impressed! I think we will definitely be going back there again because it was seriously cheap too, only 13,000 won each (about 8 euro) and we ate ALOT!!! After that we were running slightly late for our train so we got two taxis unfortunately Sam and Kelly made it in time but Ron, Dee and I missed the train so we had to take the subway the whole way home which takes about 30 mins longer (normally)! So we got on the subway all well and good but we were talking so much we missed our transfer stop and the three of us ended up only realising when the subway had looped back around and we were almost back where we started. We didnt know whether to laugh or cry but laughing won in the end so we got some beers and hopped on the subway again (this time making sure to pay attention to the stops we were at!).
                               On Sunday I slept in while Dee went off to work then got up and cleaned the apartment a little. Last night we headed over to Sam and Kelly's apartment to watch a few episodes of Misfits together and just chill. We are so lucky with the friends we have made they make Korea even better than it is.

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