Saturday 5 February 2011

Kelly's birthday week.

Ok so I have fallen way behind on the blog posts but I actually havn't had the time til now to just sit down for a few minutes to write. School has been much the same lots of preparation for the upcoming talent show. Wednesday the 26th of Jan was Kelly's 30th birthday (she doesn't look it), so a group of teachers from the school all went out together for sushi. I had never had sushi before so I was worried I wouldn't like it but after one taste of california rolls I was hooked!! It was so good. After the sushi a few of us decided to have another few drinks down the road in what has become our "local"! School the next morning was fun (a big bottle of water sat in close range on my desk at all times!). That Friday night we arranged to go for a big night out in Seoul for Kel's b-day as well. Problem with Korea is that the majority our friends here are lads and they don't appreciate that girls need time to get ready. So we finished school at 5.20 and they arranged for us to leave at 6. Unsurprisingly we were not entirely ready for a big night out considering we needed showers and unlike the boys our hair takes longer than 2 mins to dry so we decided we'd find a motel first finish getting ready and then go out. Problem was when we arrived in Seoul we couldn't find a motel, in the end we gave up looking and just went out in the clothes we had on. So much for our first dressed up night in Korea!! It ended up being a good night though so we were happy after all. Next morning on the Saturday we got up early and headed to the shopping district (we'd gotten our first paycheck early in the week)! Forever 21 was hit big time and a hundred thousand won later with arms weighed down with bags full of dresses and make-up and tops and jeans and all other wonderful things we finally got the train home for a night of well deserved sleep.

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