Wednesday 9 February 2011

Time flies...

Time seems to be zipping by here before I can even get to grips with it. The dates keep rolling by and I still feel like such a newbie in Korea. Well, I know I still am a newbie in comparison to so many other expats here but I've been here 1 and a half months, which in my world seems like a lot! One and a half months in though and I am still virtually cut off from home. No laptops purchased yet and no mobile phones means that I am left relying on the schools computers for my internet use. As grateful as I am for it an email doesn't even come close to hearing my family and friends voices or better still (thanks to the wonder of skype) seeing their faces. When I think of how many options there are now though it makes it impossible to imagine how it must have felt leaving home years ago when goodbye really meant goodbye. Korea is still a totally new place to me... new beliefs, new customs, new places, new language but it's not scary anymore. I am learning the customs (slowly). I am starting to recognize familiar sights and I managed to navigate Seoul's subway system. I have also learnt some of the basic but necessary Korean words (hello, goodbye, please, thank you, water, beer, take me to, where, etc.) which makes life a lot easier. I understand that things can change very quickly here and other things that should probably change stay the same. Korea is a beautiful country with wonderful people and I love being here, in one way though I love it because it reminds me how much I love home. I've heard so many other expats say it and I thoroughly agree that if we could have all our family and friends here on this experience with us that would make it perfect.

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