Thursday 24 February 2011

Talent show and graduation!

So my long anticipated talent show went off very successfully in the end, I am happy to say! The kids sang loudly and remembered all their lines but most importantly I didn't make too big a fool of myself playing the traditional Korean gong. Lemon tree was a popular choice and the kids looked so cute in their costumes for 'The Ugly Duckling' unfortunately I stupidly forgot to charge my camera before the show so no photographic evidence of their cuteness. (Found some pictures).
Ye'll just have to trust me. The Friday after we held the talent show (last Friday) was graduation. I teach the oldest class in the kindergarten at the moment, the 7 year olds (5-6 year olds internationally). So they are "graduating" and starting in elementary school next week. They were so cute in their little gowns and hats walking on stage to collect their certificates. I'll actually miss them. As of next Wednesday I start teaching the 6 year old class Korean age (4-5 year olds internationally) which is going to be interesting. Their level of English is a lot lower that what I am used to now ( as in most of them stare at you blankly if you ask them a long sentence in English)! That and the fact that I am going to have 17 students in my class (at the moment I have 7) is going to make things very different. It'll be an experience though, most things are here. So until next Wednesday I am going to appreciate the class I have now and hope for the best!

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