Wednesday 2 March 2011

Teaching so far...

So back two months ago when I arrived I was pretty much dropped in at the deep end. It was a case of welcome to Korea you start work in the morning. In one way that was good though and although I was totally lost at first (didn't know what they'd covered, or what the kids personalities were) I soon figured most of it out.
In the last few weeks I have to say I was really enjoying my teaching. My class were good, they bolder ones I had worked out and had figured out the best way to deal with them and it was pretty settled!!

So much for that.. today was the start of the new school year and I have gotten a class half of whom don't even know what I'm asking when I ask their name. Poor creatures they are only babies really but it still is gonna make my life a bundle of laughs for a while.. I'll write again bout my adventures with my new class but this blog is about how much I settled in 2 months and how much I loved my class. I love teaching kindergarten, I love the spontaneous hugs from the kids and the fact that they will laugh when you pull a funny face or say a word they think sounds strange. I love that they keep an open mind (they're like little sponges). I'll admit it gets tiring.. I mean you can only take so much of 'teacher he won't share his pokemon with me!!' Generally in the evening I am over the moon to have adult conversation too but all the same it was great. I had a good (and small) class who spoke excellent English.. that's all changed but all I'm hoping is that 2 more months down the line I'll have settled into my new class just as well as I have my old one. I'll let you know then but til now I've a few photos of the class I said goodbye to.

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