Tuesday 8 March 2011

My new class!

Where to even begin?? That is both the question for this blog and also the question for the new class I have begun teaching. I haven't even had them a week yet and still have had numerous criers, a nosebleed, had to wipe bums and change clothes after a "little accident"! Oh the joys of little kids! It has been a bit of a shock to the system as it is a total change from my last class. I didn't realise how lucky I had it. Don't get me wrong my new little kids are still gorgeous and so cute and so tiny... I just wish we could understand each other. The language barrier is proving a difficulty as some of them stare blankly at me when I even ask the simplest questions like 'What is your name?' then again, in the opposite sense, I too have to shrug my shoulders when they come to me telling me a story in Korean. With 17 kids in the class it is quiet a test (and the fact that 13 of the 17 are boys doesn't help!) The difference between boys and girls is strikingly obviously every playtime after lunch when the girls politely ask for paper so they can colour (usually pretty pictures of flowers and the likes) while the boys proceed to build towers out of Lego (which they then use as weapons to beat each other the minute you turn your back!) The saying 'boys will be boys' has suddenly gotten a whole new light in my eyes and has left me with the slight hope in the back of my mind that whenever I do have kids (a long time away in the future) they will be little girls!

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