Sunday 27 March 2011

Yet another Korean adventure...

Another weekend has managed to roll around and pass by and what a weekend it was! Friday night was spent with a good friends and a good game (something like charades) which caused a competitive streak to come out in most of us and a lot of laughs. An early rise on Saturday morning and a subway ride and we arrived at the meet-up point for my first ever attempt at paint-balling (in celebration of Kyle's birthday)!
I'll admit my nerves were in full swing as we got all geared up in our army suits and were given our guns. I was excited to try it but scared at how much it could supposedly hurt! We dived into 2 teams; America (team 1) versus the Rest of the World (team 2). Thankfully the World managed to overcome America despite a few early setbacks. My nerves disappeared after the first few shots (once I realised that the although it did hurt being hit, it was easily forgotten in the adrenaline rush). 42 of us from all over different parts of the world and living in different parts of Korea meched together for a few hours of  fun filled terror and adventure. Despite my reservations at the beginning I had a day of fun that I'd happily repeat. The day didn't end there but was followed up by a delicious dinner at an Indian restaurant and yummy frozen margaritas before we finally made the trip home, tired but happy.

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