Friday 21 January 2011

Where did the week go?

Another school week has just flown by!! Can't believe it's Friday already another week done and another weekend about to start!! This week went by in a flash, practice for our upcoming talent show (Sunday, February 13th - just incase anyone wants to attend!! :P) has taken over most of our class time so the days fly by. My class are singing lemon tree (by fools garden) and a chinese song, then we are doing the play of the ugly ducklng and the are also playing a traditional Korean musical instrument so we need a lot of time to practice!! All in all though I think the are going to be great!! (I might be slightly biased though)!! Tonight Dee and I are heading into Seoul and Sam and Kelly might be going to.. just a chilled night though of dinner and cinema because 1. we won't be paid til the 25th and 2. we have a busy schedule of partying lined up in the near future so we're gonna conserve energy! A nice dinner and a chilled night wont go astray though because we hope to get up early tomorrow morning for some shopping before we come back home here to Yongmun!! It should be grand and quiet (although knowing us we'll be like sure it'd be a waste to be in Seoul on a Friday night and not have a few drinks!! We'll see what happens!)


  1. Sorry you are having such a boring old time Lisa!!! We are all envious - could I set up a bunk bed in a corner of your apartment?
    Can't believe you went up on a ski lift and jumped off without knowing how to stop! Brought back memories of my skiing days - mind you I had a good few lessons before going up on a lift, but still managed to fall off in the path of the next skiers! Keep up the good work. Jo

  2. Haha, ya it's a hard life here alright! :) No problem I'd be happy to set up a bed in the corner for any guests that made the trek over here!! My ski lift experience was funny alright but it didn't turn me off skiing though (a group of us are going again this evening)!