Tuesday 3 May 2011

That Friday feeling....

             Fridays at all times are great, I think everyone agrees with that but Fridays here are extra good. Friday in the Kindergarten is a theme day so every Friday we have activities for half the day which means a half day less teaching and a half day more fun. Last Friday we went on a field trip to a local aquarium, the week before we made cookies and the week before that we had a birthday party. Other Friday days are sports days, bouncy castle days, music days etc. I love Fridays!!

        One of the best parts of Fridays is the fact that I am such a big kid myself. I can't help but get as excited as the kids. I love doing all the fun stuff just as much as they do... whether that be feeding the fish or doing rolley-poleys in the soccer field. If only everyday could be like Friday. Don't get me wrong I love my job and the teaching is fun everyday but its just not the same.

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