Tuesday 19 April 2011

Cherry Blossom Festival

          Spring has finally shook off the lasting grip of winter and Korea has begun to return to life. The change happened so quickly and with such little notice that it made the surprise all the better. Last week when I opened the blinds on my kitchen window I expected, as usual, to see the same dead dull and devoid of life grass bank staring back in at me. What I saw though made me smile because instead of a lifeless verge of brown I saw a sea of green grass shoots sprouting up.
          I love spring and, since then, the evidence that it is really here has kept on growing. Farmers around are ploughing the land and the smell of fresh earth is in the air (reminds me of dad). The ice is almost none existent with only the last few remnants hiding in the shadows. Best of all though are the flowers. Tiny little flowers bursting out of the ground and big beautiful blossoms exploding on the trees. They flowers are so welcome after a long bitter winter that they even get their own festival (and they deserve it).                              

          Last Saturday, Vanessa, Kyle and I left English Village to see if the 2011 Cherry Blossom Festival was as beautiful as we heard it could be. Yeouido park was alive. Crowds of people had flocked from all over to see the blossoms that lined the streets and parks all around. Magnolia trees also had fantastic blossoms crowning their branches as well as flower beds full of all the colours of the rainbow. Daffodils growing beside the lake reminded me of mom's daffodils at home.

             Marcus joined us and we all walked together before finding a spot on the grass by the river to people watch and bask in the glorious sunshine.

          Spring once again managed to prove itself to me and continue to remain my favourite season. It's hard to see how anything could have been better than sitting with good friends on a wonderful sunny day surrounded by new life and happiness. My expectations of the festival weren't disappointed...

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