Wednesday 13 April 2011

Vanessa's birthday weekend..

                                                     Happy birthday Vanessa!!

           Today is her official birthday but we all celebrated last weekend and it was a lot of fun. We choose to go out Friday night as we decided that for once it would be good to come home on a Saturday and then have the whole day on Sunday to relax and enjoy at home! So Friday after work we got the subway to Itaewon and enjoyed a really yummy Thai meal in Buddah's Belly (behind the Hamilton Hotel). I had spicy stir-fried chicken with cashews nuts and from the smells of the numerous other dishes they were all equally delicios! After dinner we moved to a little bar down the street called bungalow. Our seats were swings hanging from the roof and we all had to take off our shoes as the floor was coated in a layer of sand. I loved it.. such a cool atmosphere (even if the drinks were a little more than in most places). Next was our frequent haunt, Scrooges. The cocktails are a lot cheaper here so we had quiet a few! Unfortunately as it was Friday night it wasn't as busy as usual but we still have a very fun night. A great night with great friends!!
             Next morning we all went for breakfast together which was a nice way to start the day. Spring had truly arrived that Saturday and I was able to walk around in just short sleeves all day. I really love that weather.... hot enough to enjoy but cool enough to be able to walk around in comfort. Apparently this beautiful spring weather only last about a month before we get hit with (from all accounts) a very humid summer. After breakfastwe strolled around and enjoyed the sunshine before moving to another area of Seoul to go to a matinee performance of The Vagina Monologues. I'll admit I was apprehensive as I was unsure as of what to expect from this infamous performance but I needn't have worried because it was very enjoyable. The cast at times might not have been the greatest but I still laughed at times, and felt sad and times and definitely agreed with their statements at all in all a success! After we all went for Italian before heading home to English village tired but happy!!

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