Monday 16 May 2011

Our four day weekend...

        As  Tuesday the 10th of May was Budda's birthday we all had a scheduled day off. The Friday before though half way through the school day I was informed they had decided to give us the Monday off too. Now don't get me wrong an extra day off was wonderful but I was still annoyed because at that stage it was too late to plan anything for my four day weekend. If I had known in advance we could have booked cheap flights to so many cool places around like Malaysia, or Hong Kong. Anyway we still made the most of the start of the weekend by going to DJ Fest on the Saturday. The Sunday we relaxed in the sunshine and ate dinner with Kelly, Sam, Vanessa and Kyle. Monday passed by in the laziest way possible the whole day being spent in our pyjamas and  topped off by watching two sad films one after another. Dee and I were sitting there drying our tears when suddenly Dee suggested we go for a night out in Seoul. It was a fluster to shower and everything at that stage but we managed to catch the last subway in at 11.20 and made it to the bar area by 1am. 
       In Ireland starting a night out at 1am would be madness but as the bars and clubs stay open until at least 6am here we had plenty of time. When we arrived we met our friends Kat and Madonna and danced the night away together. Getting the subway home the next morning is the worst part of it all though because after the club we got food and relaxed so by the time I got on a subway it was 9am and I was very tired; staying awake is an effort. The night was fun though and I'm glad we made the most that we could out of our extra long weekend.

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