Monday 30 May 2011

Let the burning begin!

          Wow, what an amazing weekend. It couldn't have gone better really. Friday we had a field trip for the kids to a stunningly beautiful wild flower garden. Unfortunately (yet not surprisingly) the kids didn't have much interest in the flowers themselves or wandering around the garden but were instead happy to run around on the grass and blow bubbles. All the same I had a great day sitting in the sunshine and laughing with (and at) the kids. The field trip made the weekend seem to begin all the sooner as I didn't have to teach. Despite the morning being warm it was cloudy so I wasn't expecting much sun, however, later the sun broke out and by the end of the day I had slightly red shoulders.
          Then that night (Friday) we headed to Seoul for Teena's birthday! I felt very cool as she had reserved a VIP area in the club and we danced the night away with friends until we could catch the train home.
          After a few hours sleep on Saturday morning I relaxed and read until we decided to have a BBQ..yum. Delicious pork burgers, mackerel, salad, and shrimp kebabs. Good food and good company..perfect. Next morning (Sunday) I got up and decided to go for a walk before it got to hot. I walked for about an hour starting at 10.30am and wow I was wrong about it being cooler then. It seemed like the sun was out in full blast and when I got home I had a lovely pink pattern on my chest and arms and back from where my t-shirt ended. I changed into lighter and more summery clothes and covered myself in factor 45 sun cream.
         Later with the addition of a little more sun cream a group of us headed to the river (beside the English village) to relax in the sun. The water was lovely and before long we were all in swimming... hopping in and out of the water every few minutes. We left after about 2 hours and when I got home I realised my lovely pink burns had spread... as the night when on I got progressively redder until I got to the extent where I think my colour could make lobsters jealous. Thankfully despite my very rosy skin tone it's not painful (fingers crossed it will stay like this...and not peel)! If I am REALLY HOPING for the impossible I might even wish that it might turn to a tan (that way next time we all go swimming I might not be voted as the whitest person anyone had ever seen)! :)

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