Thursday 9 June 2011


          Yet another memorable weekend passed in Korea.. this time at RocKorea Indie/Rock tribute band concert. Dee, Kyle, Vanessa, Michael, Nicole, Mark and I decided to spend last Saturday  partying until the early hours so we set off from English village in our summer clothes and 2 tents. After a very long and tiring journey (only at the other side of Seoul but a lot of transferring was required) we finally made it to the RocKorea site. After World DJ fest I am sorry to say I was very underwhelmed my the whole thing to begin with. The concert consisted of one small main stage surrounded by tents selling food and drinks. The whole concert was set on a construction site for an entire new city they are building from scratch (to be completed in 2016), which ensured plenty mud around and NO grass! We set about pitching our tent (which turned out to be HUGE.. it said it slept 6 people but in my estimation we could probably have fit closer to 10.)
         Anyway The Beatles tribute band began playing and I got in the spirit until Dee came back saying the only alcohol they sold was beer! As I don't like beer I was a little annoyed but decided that all I could do was smile. I finished my beer and went on one last attempt to locate something else and thankfully it worked. I secured a bottle of soju from a guy with a black plastic bag in the back of his food tent! Much happier now and with the music still going strong we danced and laughed and sat on rugs in front of the stage. We heard them all from AC/DC to The Rolling Stones and Led Zepplin.
          The final bad point though, entirely our fault, was the cold. Dee and I hadn't packed the warmest of clothes when we left in the midday heat but by 4am that night curled up in our tent with one very light and small blanket it proved to be a decision we regretted. The morning heat eventually arrived though and we thawed our bones out again.. before the long trek home.

         I'll have to admit that despite it's poor first impression RocKorea actually turned out to be surprisingly good.

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