Tuesday 10 May 2011

World DJ Festival.

         Every year Korea hosts a festival called World DJ festival and it has been growing in popularity. In the past the festival has been held in Seoul but this year because of lack of sufficient space in Seoul they decided to move into a more rural area. Luckily for us they chose Yangpyeong, which is only 2 subway stops (10 mins) away from us. Dee and I were very excited about it and the prospect of dancing outdoors and meeting new people so close to home. Most of our friends here in the village though were not so excited about it... I blame old age, haha. Being the youngest teachers here has both its pros and cons. Anyway Chris (the only other teacher our age), Dee and I headed off on the Saturday to party the night away. We had heard that we couldn't drink alcohol inside the festival itself (and considering most DJ music is best with a little alcohol) we decided to have a few pre-drinks!
         The weather was fantastic and the three of us sat in the sunshine drinking and talking. As the night rolled in we decided it was time to actually go into the festival itself. The queue was so long when we arrived and we joined the end. Somewhere along the line though Dee got impatient and decided to skip the line, I was convinced  it wouldn't work so I stuck in my place and ended up chatting to a big group of Irish people. Eventually I made it to the top of the queue and called Dee. While I was calling her I was looking around and saw a girl asleep on the grass. I was laughing until I realised it was Dee... she had gotten tired waiting for us to get in. Somehow soon after that we got separated again and while trying to find each other my phone died. So by 10.30pm both Dee and I were totally by ourselves. Luckily for me while wandering around trying to find her I bumped into the group of Irish again and we danced and talked. After a while I left to search for Dee again and although my search was unsuccessful I talked to so many different people and danced and laughed. A very good night all in all.
          Next morning Dee and I compared stories and she had somehow managed to convince the bouncers to let her into the VIP area by telling them she was the German DJ's wife (while talking in a broken English German accent). After she got in she just wandered around until she accidentally ended up behind the DJ on the main stage. At that point I think security realised she didn't belong and she was shown back to the main area. So a fun night for Dee too. So despite the fact that both of us were alone we both seemed to enjoy our experience of World DJ Fest.

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