Monday 27 December 2010

St. Stephen's day... very far from hunting the wren!!

One of the school's Christmas trees
So yesterday was St.Stephen's day and I started it having a lie-in (a well deserved one), Dee has to work Sundays for four weeks due to a winter camp that the school is holding so I met her and a few more of the teachers for lunch in the canteen. Once again the served the little dried fish things that I confused for noodles the first day. I had tasted the "noodles" and commented they tasted fishy to be informed they were infact fish and not noodles at all... Dee likes them but they taste like cod liver oil to me so they wont be my favourite food anytime soon. I spent a little time preparing class then and sorting things for today. Yesterday eveing then a group of us went to the local village to a pizza restaurant we found during our christmas morning walk. It was SO good.. I like the Korean food but still tasting that pizza was heaven!! After the pizza a few of us went on to a Haf house again for a few more beers.. I am gonna come home with a right beer belly on me..although the Korean food seems really healthy so it might just balance out. Plus the school has its own gym that we can use anytime so my aim for new year is to start going there a bit..(gotta buy some runners first) and during the summer we can use the schools outdoor pool..!! We headed home fairly early though because we all had work at 8.30am so we didnt want sick heads. Charlie and the chocolate factory (the Johnny Depp one) was on tv when I got home so watched a bit of that but started falling asleep before the end... guess I am still getting accustomed to the time difference a little!! Up early this morning and into school and so far its been a great day.. classes went well this morning the kids were good and lunch turned out to be lasagne and chips...a very welcome and delicious surprise!! After lunch went well too...I taught them words about new year and they really seemed to enjoy it! I've a little time now before my next class at 4 and that class is only an afterschool class for an hour so its perfect... gonna have a quiet night tonight and try to sort out my suitcases and unpack...although I have no wardrobe in my bedroom yet so I'll have to use the closet in the hall for now! I have a staff party tomorrow evening with all my kindergarten co-teachers which I was told about today which should be good, we will go for dinner first and then to a noreabang (a Korean kareoke room... where you rent the room for a group of people and sing your hearts out!! God help my co-teachers.. I'm sure once I sing once they will never suggest I sing again!!) :)

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