Wednesday 29 December 2010

One week in Korea...

Hard to believe I arrived in Korea one week ago today... the time has flown and yet I've done so much in one week! I'm really starting to settle into a routine but I still have a lot to learn about Korea in general and about my work. Yesterday morning when I woke the ground was covered with snow not like the snow we got back home. It was deeper than I've seen before up to my ankles. When I arrived at the kindergarten I joined the other teachers shovelling snow away from the door so that the kids could walk in through a path we had cleared for them. The morning went good and then lunch all normal.. after lunch the kids and teachers all had a snowball fight and made a snowman. Such fun.. the afternoon flew by as well! After school I went home for a few minutes and then back to the school to meet all the teachers to head out on our staff night!! Dinner was Korean again, side dishes and a mains but instead of meat it was like a fish stew in the centre of teh table, bubbling away!! It was strange but tasty afterwards we all sang Noreabang (kareoke) I hadnt had any alcohol so I tried to refuse to sing but no such luck.. I just picked the first song I recognised so I ended up singing "Brown eyed girl".. lets just say it this way after I finished they complemented my dancing!!! Still I can imagine that with a few drinks in me singing will be a great idea in the future. This evening we are going to get a bus that leaves the school and brings us to a big supermarket called E-mart, I still have a lot of things to buy for my room. Bits and pieces just to make it more homely and practical as well. I really need to find an adapter because my camera is dead and I really want to be able to charge it before our first night out in Seoul on Friday night for New Year's!! A big group of us are planning on going to Seoul together, heading out and then sleeping in either a noreabang room (which you can rent by the hour) or a jimjaelbang ( a sauna room - apparently this sweats the alcohol out of you so you wake up totally clear headed, sure I'll try anything once)!! All in all Korea is getting a thumbs up so far!!

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