Monday 20 February 2012

Malaysia : Part 2 - Langkawi

        So our bus-ferry-taxi journey to Langkawi turned out to be faster and nicer than we expected but arriving after hours of travel we were wrecked none the less. We decided Langkawi was going to be a 'holiday'in the midst of our backpacker travels so we booked into the Aseania resort hotel. Our luxury after hostels. The Aseania was a beautiful resort with wave pool and slide into the main pool, pool bars etc. but you still got the feeling it was starting to slip. The rooms could do with fresh paint, the reception was starting to look tattered but all in all we were happy.
          Our first afternoon there we contented ourselves sitting by the pool relaxing in the sun and chilling. That night we made the 5minute walk towards the beautiful white sandy beach and ate in a lovely restaurant with our toes in the sand. Next morning we woke ourselves in time for breakfast (to save money) and wow we were glad we did. Far from the regular backpacker toast and tea they had an amazing spread. A huge breakfast buffet with as much food of all types as you could fit in your belly. Taking full advantage of the free food I went back for seconds and shamefully thirds. By the time I left the table I was waddling!! Dee and I headed down to the beach to sunbathe in our first attempt to turn our whiter than white skin to beige. Unfortunately despite the best efforts of a sun umbrella and sun cream all we managed to do was turn ourselves lobster pink. We were sorry we even tried to tan later that night when plenty of aloe vera lotion was being applied.
         Next day we decided to go island hopping so we booked a tour to leave at nine. By 9.40 we were beginning to give up hope of the tour even being in existence when a jeep pulled up and in we piled. He dropped us to the pier where we boarded a rickety boat and off we went (at very high speed). I thought it was fun but Dee was petrified as the boat bounced across the top of the water and over the waves. We just seemed to go faster and faster and soon enough even Kyle and Vanessa started to worry as with each wave we were thrown up off our seats before crashing back down. Despite our treacherous journey we arrived at each island safe and they were amazing. Our first stop was an island with a large monkey population who had become very bold so much so that at the pier they sold slingshots to keep them away. We saw one monkey steal a bottle of water from a guy and when he tried to take it back the monkey chased him along the path. That night we happily returned to the hotel, glad to be on dry land.
         Our next day on langkawi envolved a very lazy pool day and what a nice way to end our Malaysian adventure. I loved Malaysia and would definitely go back again someday.

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