Monday 10 October 2011

Dr. Fish

          Also a few weeks ago we decided to have a nice chilled day in Seoul and visit Dr.Fish. Now this was something we had been meaning to do for a long time but summer had taken its toll on our little feet and they were desperately in need of some kind of treatment. With this in mind Kyle, Vanessa, Dee, Helena and I decided to make our way to one of the many Dr.Fish treatment spas in Korea.
        Now the Dr. Fish we decided to go to was slightly unconventional as it is not in a leisure centre or spa but a cafe! Yep, a cafe. On arriving there you order a drink and are asked if you wish to pay 2,000won (about 1.30euro) more for the Dr. Fish. Now all the drinks(coffees and hot chocolates etc) are around 6,000won (4euro) which is pricey enough for Korea which is how they make their money I guess.
         Anyway after finishing our drinks we made our way up to a raised area by the window with 2 fish tanks in holes in the floor, after rinsing our feet first we were allowed put our feet in the tanks. We all started with the small fish and the best way I can describe it is tickly! Unbearably tickly at times... my feet are always ticklish (like dads) so I was literally crying laughing as I pulled my feet out of the water, then back in, out again, back in, you get the picture. Eventually I realised that if I pushed my feet right to the bottom of the tank it wasn't as bad because they couldn't nibble the soles of my feet. I must be very tasty because for some reason those little fish loved me... while my feet were in the tank they almost ignored Kyle and Vanessa. At one stage while my feet were swarmed with little nibbling fish Vanessa looked at me then at her own and questioned why only about 10 little fish were around her.

My feet are in the middle, Vanessa's are on the left.
          After a few minutes of the little fish we got the courage to brave the bigger fish in the next tank.
Kyle couldn't stop his laughter..

Kyle went first and he literally squealed like a little girl... his giggles set us all laughing before we had even put our toes in the water.
We followed his lead though and all nervously lowered our feet in to the pool of the bigger fish. While the little fish simply felt like a tiny nibble and were very very ticklish these fish had bigger mouths and I would saw had a slightly sandpaper-ish feel. They were not as bad but still very tickly!

The bigger fish


Our 15mins was soon up but it had been 15mins of giggles and squeals... out of the five of us 4 of us enjoyed it so with those odds I would recommend every to try it at least once. Our feet were not drastically different but I think we all felt a slight change (possibly imagined)...either way its just a fun way to spend an afternoon!


  1. Is everyone in your group Irish?

  2. Nope, three of us are Irish. Two are English and the rest are Americans with a few Canadians thrown in every now and again for good measure.. we're a good mix!